Cosmicbuzz Publishers and Developers.

We are a small team that enjoys creating digital media for digital devices.

We are based in England UK. We build and design software for the web and mobile on any category that takes our interests.

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Hi there! end of year 2018…..

Hi I’m the site owner and developer for cosmicbuzz games. I started learning how to build games in 2012, it was a long hard and poor journey. My team is my son who plays my games looking for bugs and myself doing everything else. Not knowing what I was doing, I just did what I knew. With so much that needs doing I fell in the trap of rushing everything. Not a good idea. Now almost 6 years later I want to do it all again but better.

Better by more organised, A time frame, a better work flow.

My trouble is I have too many ideas that keep popping in my head, too many new things I want to learn and improving what I’ve learnt. My life is also very busy.

This site right now is my old work, some games have been removed by google for what ever reason, I can’t understand it. I made a clock, flip clock seems fine but it got removed, you can still download that from this site but removed from google. It must be something small that I haven’t followed correctly. But oh well. I move on.

I been using UNITY 3D but I didn’t start there. I have programmed on Action Script 2 & 3 Stencly and UNITY not to mention a few lines on the Spectrum some time ago.

Anyway to get to the point.

I properly have to make a new name for myself, cosmicbuzz was just part of my learning journey. I leave this site as is for you to enjoy and others to find and also for me to look back on from time to time.

About the name.

The name Cosmic was about open space the large part in my mind and the buzz was like the noise inside my head. If that make any sense to you.

Right i’m off. Contact me on my contact page for anything, and to all you scammers that keep emailing me Stop Wasting Your Time.


Monday 31st December 2018


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