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lottery number generator Advance

Lottery number generator

Quick and fast to use, helps to pick your lottery numbers. Here is another number generator with some smart features. Pick numbers from 1 to 90 Set the app to pick random numbers from 1 to 10, or 1 to 90. Its up to you. Set to not pick certain numbers. Pick up

Your APP made

I will build your app for your Android or as a HTML. Do you need a app that isn't around? This could be a app to remind you to feed the cat with a visual cat friendly count down screen. Or your own quiz app or anything you can think of

Online Checkers

Multiplayer online checkers. Free to play online checkers small game. Type your name then enter the lobby room. Find other players to play checkers with or invite a friend here.

Windows Product Key

open powershell type: (Get-WmiObject -query 'select * from SoftwareLicensingService').OA3xOriginalProductKey more info here, If you need a special keyboard character. You can use the alt button with the number key pad. Check out the key pad codes here, ' = alt + 39 S = alt + 83 s = alt + 115

How to Change the Mouse Scrolling Speed in Firefox

Quick And Easy in Windows or Linux. Default mouse scrolling speed is set in the software you are using. All we need to do is set Firefox to a higher number. (I have mine set to 60) Windows users. Open a new tab at the top of your Firefox window, keeping this

Robot Snake

Robot Snake game app. Navigate the robot snake to collect energy cells to stay alive and grow bigger and stronger in this fun addictive challenging game. Navigate the robot snake collecting power cells while avoiding the dangerous edges. Collect all the cells to fill up the power bank and to increase

Van Moves

Updated 10 April 2019 Van Push is almost here. 20 Levels for you to check out this puzzle logic game. Simply tap on the vans to move them forward, push other vans if you have to for parking them on the correct parking color coded spot. Thanks for playing. We want your feedback

Dice Rollers

October 2017 The Dice roller app for when you use a dice. Our dice app is for playing RISK the board game and will also be use for other dice games such as Monopoly - Ludo and Snakes and ladders. Many features for RISK players. Our TOP mission is making RISK dice battles much more

Battle Squares Siege 2D

This started as a simple game but is developing to something of a RISK type game. Click a image below to try that version.         Version 2 Take control of your team and eliminate the other side. Beware, has sound effects when in battle. You piece will slightly get dimmer on low health. Enjoy. This game

Drawing Doodles Doodling

Try this drawing doodle web pad. New updates will be added soon. Tell us what you think. Use Left mouse to draw. NEW! : Amazon App only -  now lock and unlock your drawing screen from drawing on accidentally. Useful when showing your creative drawing to someone without the risk of your drawing


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