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Dice Rollers

October 2017

The Dice roller app for when you use a dice.

Our dice app is for playing RISK the board game and will also be use for other dice games such as Monopoly – Ludo and Snakes and ladders.

Many features for RISK players.

Our TOP mission is making RISK dice battles much more fun and more enjoyably with as much feel as a real dice batter as we can. Attack large, against large units with ease and stay focus on your battle plan.

Here’s a screen shot on how far we have got.


First in line is our web app for testing and improving, Click here

Be patent, webGL doesn’t load up very fast

Android Risk Dice Roller DOWNLOAD LINK.

The risk dice roller is played from the original rules. Attacker gets 3 dice, defender gets 2. Attacker has 3 dice if units are 3 or over. Where only 2 units left only 2 dice will be used or 1 dice if only 1 unit.

This app needs a lot of improvement and time i will put in when i can. Hope you like how it is and look forward to hearing your positive feedback on this small project.

Developer & Publisher.

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