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Golf Scorecard

Golf Score Card – 1 – 5 Players – 28 Holes

Keep golf scores in this nice looking app.
Fast to set up and easy to use.
Tap to update the golf score. Then tap next player.
This app shows you who’s next, keeps track on golf scores for each hole and saves paper.

28 holes on the golf score card, but this app will keep going till you tap the finish button.

Enjoy your golf game indoors or out. Control the background to be dark or light. Always see the screen in clear detail.

Made for crazy golfers or family’s playing mini golf.
This app keeps it all simple and shows the golf scores that matter to you the most.
The winner will get the gold star. Have two winners, then you both get a star.

Suggestions and improvements always welcome.

Thank you and enjoy.

Number Recall app download on google play

This is a free version limit to 7 holes. Unlock for full version with 28 holes.

No Further updates will be made on this app.

Developer & Publisher.

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