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Google VR in Unity

October 2016

We got our hands on a VR headset. Not very expensive and something we wanted to work on.

The wonderful world of Virtual Reality. We were excited and got onto creating small rooms and a few games. Learning the setup and also getting our blue-tooth remote joystick working in our projects.

Creating the VR World takes more time and more test plays but we hope it will all be worth all the extra effort.

September 2017

I really like VR and plan to use it when I get more time with it.

We seen and played some really good VR apps but nothing that seems to work really well. It is still too early to be our focus point as it needs a large mobile screen to fit the VR headset for good performance and we did experience some unpleasantness eye strain in developing our own apps. Adjusting the frames per second and colour did help but will need more tuningĀ before we couldĀ put more work into building an app with it.

For now it can stay in the box until we get more free time to use it.


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