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Learn your Shapes

Number Recall app download on google play

Learn your shapes

Learn the shapes and find the matching one in “learn” and “Guess” levels.

Learn Level.
Learn: Learn the shapes.
Look – Listen and find the correct shape to match from the 3 other shapes. Tap the correct shape.

Guess Level.
Guess: Shape is spoken with spelling.
Listen – read the shape name to find the correct shape from the 3 other shapes.

In this game you will find;
Clear voice. “US English”
Encouragement voice rewarding the child of their game-play learning progress.
Repetitive shapes and sounds keep the child attention for many hours at a time.
Easy to use and follow, its child’s play!
**No Advertisements
Voice on/off control
11 shapes to learn.
Circle, Heart, Hexagon, Octagon, Oval, Pentagon, Rectangle, Square, Star, Trapezium, Triangle.

Have hours of fun learning your shapes in this application game. Easy to use and understand. We look forward to your feedback.
Thank you for playing.

Great for all kids ages 3 and up.

Number Recall app download on google play

Learn your shapes
Use in browser

No Further updates will be made on this app.

Developer & Publisher.

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