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lottery number generator Advance

Lottery number generator

Quick and fast to use, helps to pick your lottery numbers.

Here is another number generator with some smart features.

  • Pick numbers from 1 to 90
    • Set the app to pick random numbers from 1 to 10, or 1 to 90. Its up to you.
  • Set to not pick certain numbers.
  • Pick up to 12 Lucky Numbers.
  • Easy to use and fast.

Use this number generator app to random pick numbers for any lottery or any other use you need it too.

random number

If you need anything added to this app then tell me on the comments below. Also if you need a app that you can’t find, check this out.

This app will be available soon as I’m still building it.

The app is Fully working and can be use right now by clicking the link LOAD IN WEBPAGE below.

For Android devices.

Load in webpage

If you can see this page then more likely you can load this app and try it.

It is a fully working number generator app to help pick numbers for the lottery or any other need for number picking. You can set it to pick numbers from 1 to 90 and pick from 1 to 12 numbers.

It may be difficult to use at first but here’s the instructions:

Load the up.

Click the EDIT icon at bottom. Two other icons will light up. These are to control how you pick numbers.

The Plus sign with add all numbers up to the number you clicked on. IF you click on 59, then all the numbers from 1 to 59 will be used.

The minus sign will add or remove the number you click. Say you pick numbers from 1 to 59 but you don’t want the app to pick the number 22 or 33. Use the minus button then click on 22 and 33 to un-highlight those numbers to not use in the number generator.

Your lucky numbers are at the bottom from 1 to 12. Click on how many lucky numbers you want the app to draw by clicking on the numbers of lucky numbers you want.

Now you are all setup, click start to generate some numbers. It will pick numbers very fast. use these numbers as you will and leave some feedback below on how you got on using the app.

Thank you.

Developer & Publisher.

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