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Love Match

Reveal your love potential between you and your crush

Have you ever wondered how much your love match is for your partner or how much compatibility they are for you.?

Sometimes you ask yourself what it would be like with that other person. Are you both a match for marriage?

Basically this app will test your compatibility and help to provide the love match between you and your partner with help of the meaning of both your names using astrology.

For love match to work with your crush you need to enter your first and last names of both of you. If you only have the first name of your crush then you only need to add your first name. This will still give a near accurate reading.

With the help of love match you will find the stability level of a relationship according to both names.

Download and take this love match compatibility test now by entering just your name details and let the love match compatibility test reveal your love potential between you and your crush.

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