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Number Recall – How to play

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How to play our memory game Number Recall.

Full instructions with pictures.

First screen.

Number RecallChoose your skill level. Easy – Med – Hard.

Each skill level has more or less time to remember where the numbers are.

Start with the easy level and work your way up.

Playing the game.

Short term memory gameThe levels show numbers from 1-12 that you need to recall where they are in order. You only have a short time before the numbers will vanish from sight. You can start the game anytime by clicking on the first number.

If you get one wrong, don’t panic. You will lose a brain cell energyCell but you still have 2 more left, right!

Get 4 wrong recall numbers and the game will end. You can continue up to 3 times. Then that’s it. You need to start from the beginning.level8view

Each level passed helps to charge the memory battery. You can also see your last played percentage to aim to beat it each time.

Level 1 has only 4 numbers to recall. Level 7 and 8 have 12. On level 8 You won’t see the numbers for very long. This really will test your short term memory. When you pass level 8, you will have a 100% battery life on your game and new brain memory cells for you 🙂 like I did shown on the picture here.

Options menu.

memory options

The little mark thing at the top right is how you open the options box. Here you can set the volume for the music and sound FX.

Music made back in 2007 called Time Lock by bwavetunes,(not on the playlist)

You can hear more on bwavetunes tapping here or clicking the Bwavetunes cover.

Well that’s all I can think of to help you out. If you need more help, or got a suggestion. Please ask in the comments below.

Thank you and happy memory growing.

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