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Number Recall – Memory Game

This Android game app will improve memory, help with growing more memory cells and great enjoyment.

Number Recall game details

Challenge your memory, improve your short-term memory. Grow new memory brain cells. Your brain acts like a muscle. Give your brain a workout everyday with Number Recall. The game that encourages new memory brain cell growth, which is proven to work at any age.

Number Recall is a fun number memory game that can be played almost anywhere, ideally somewhere where you can focus.


Control the volume for both music and SFX to suit your preferences.


+How to play.
Your first game will show the low power on the memory display. Start charging up your memory power by completing your first level. The more levels you complete the more charge you will have. The game will keep track on your memory power during game play.  A 75% charge can be achieved in just a few games while 99% in a few days, (based on playing the game regularly). 100% charge is only for a pure genius. (is that you?)

8 levels in total for 100% memory charge. feel your memory instantly improving everyday.


++Interesting part.
If you get a number wrong. You lose a cell. Lose all 3 and the game ends. Hold on!, it hasn’t ended yet. Use the continue button and the game will take you down a level to try again. Now move on and keep charging that memory power.


++Some facts and notes:
Children can on average recall 6-7 number (level 3) while adults recall on average 8 numbers (level 4).


If you find the game is way too easy or way too hard. Adjust the game level from the main menu.
Easy, Med or Hard


++Download and enjoy today

Memory puzzle game remembering numbers on grid.

>> Full Help and How to play  Number Recall Рmemory game click here <<

Download and enjoy today.

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Number Recall app download on google play


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