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Sausage Man

Keep updated on the Sausage Man project here.

Welcome to Sausage Man..

*** Project still in production ***

Sausage Man
Meet Sausage Man.

He is a sausage, no really he is. He’s body is a real sausage picture from my sausage I had one morning with my egg and toast. It’s true that every-time I look at him It makes me hungry!. This project has to stop, because I can’t stop eating since doing the sausage man project.

Here’s where we are now with sausage man.

We did a sausage man video. like you do, just for fun. You can see that on Sausage Man uTube link here.

Screen Shots on the Play-store.

The game to date.

You play as the Sausage Man. yay

Escape the garden by running and jumping over pots and dangerous spiky plants. Get from one end to the other to be free.

It’s a bit of a puzzle but you should easily work it out. I added wooden pointy arrows around places as guilds to help you on your way.

What’s next?

Lots and lots. and your feedback.

Encourage this game to be completed sooner rather then later.
Download the game and play it.

I know it’s not the finished polished project, but it is playable and be great to hear your feedback.

Android users can download here. ISO users have to wait for the finished product (not my rules).

Keep updated on what needs doing and what we done. Bookmark and share this page. easy links below.

Next few jobs.

  • Sound / Music
  • Start menu
  • Smother Animation
  • Score


No Further updates will be made on this app.

Developer & Publisher.

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