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Battle Squares Siege 2D

This started as a simple game but is developing to something of a RISK type game.

Click a image below to try that version.

Version 2
Version 1





Version 2

Take control of your team and eliminate the other side.

Beware, has sound effects when in battle. You piece will slightly get dimmer on low health.

Enjoy. This game is in the process of a completed game. please enjoy the growing process.

Version 1

The Rules.

  • A two player game.
    • Take turns in moving a piece one square at a time or use a dice.
  • You attack in all directions, one square ahead of your piece.
    • Attack is done automatically.
  • Press the big red arrow to reset the board and start again.
  • Try and get your piece to the other player side and eliminate them.
  • Make up more rules as you play.
    • It’s all about the fun.

quick note: I did the coding very quickly and it works! but with these 2 little bugs.

  1. Sometimes the attack isn’t attacking leaving both pieces on the board.
    1. Just move away and move back for another attack.
  2. The reset arrow resets the board but now I can’t move any pieces.
    1. sorry, you need to re-load the web app.

It;s playable and the first little bug makes it a little bit more interesting and still enjoyable to play. The reset is a pain but I couldn’t pin point the fault in the messy quick code I did making this prototype. Lazy of me I know, but I wont let it happen again.

Version of Battle Squares Siege 2D

Version 2
Version 1






Vintage 1966 Milton Bradley Board Game of Siege.

I discovered siege from a paper game made by a you-tuber ( epicfantasy) making this game called Siege.
Watch his YouTube Video

I also searched up for the original game details for the Siege the vintage board game and how to play and came up with this site, all-about-fun-and-games. com


Developer & Publisher.

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